Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long Overdue Update

I have been so behind on updating the blog.  I really need to become more organized in life, in general.  Having two little guys in the house keep me busy, but I am lucky that I only work three days a week. 

We have had our first ED visit.  When we woke up Saturday morning, Colton's fontanel (soft spot) was swollen.  For him, it's normally sunken in (not normal for babies, but normal for him since he had his shunt placed).  His behavior was 100% normal - no crying, no fussing, not lethargic, no doll set eyes, no vomiting (all symptoms that the shunt isn't functioning).  So, off to the ED we went.  He got another head ultrasound which showed his ventricles look beautiful!  :)  But, we left the ED with no answers.  Colton will see the neurosurgeon tomorrow. 

Colton is now smiling and cooing.  He loves to flirt with the ladies while in public.  He kicks his legs when he gets really excited.  He also rolls over on his own.  He sleeps well at night - at least 6 hours.  He loves to get into bed with Bubba and me and breastfeed.  He is a champion breastfeeder.  Since I don't produce a lot of milk, he gets formula in the daytime.  Whatever I pump during the day, Sean gets.  Sean acts like breastfeeding is torture.  He looks at me like, "Why are you making me do this?"

Sean has qualified for Early Intervention.  Babies qualify when they are not keeping up with their milestones.  It was expected since he spent so much time on the vent and in the NICU.  What this means is that Sean gets a weekly playdate with a developmental specialiast from Easter Seals.  He sees the physical therapist at Kaiser this week.  I am interested to see what she says about him.  If she thinks he needs more physical therapy than just monthly, we will have to arrange that as well.  Sean has just now started smiling. 

After all that we have been through, we are very fortunate that the boys are extremely well behaved.  They have a great schedule that they actually set.  They don't cry unless hungry or they need their dirty pants changed.  I think we've earned some good behavior, don't you?

Night all! :)


  1. My step daughter had to have physical and speech therapy because of how long she was in the NICU after her heart surgery and she really enjoyed it our therapists were awesome ladies they gave me so many tools to help her develop and now she is sharp as a tack and right on track or above in everything heck by the time she was 3 she beat the first level of "Mario" all by her self. try and make the most of your time with them you can learn sooo much.

    best of luck!


  2. Just curious, why does only Sean qualify? I figure Eli will because of his PVL even though his hydrocephalus resolved without a shunt.

    Your boys are adorable! Love your blog. I can't get organized enough to update a blog.

    I'm hoping once he is home he'll stick to his NICU schedule and maybe stretch it out too.