Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Boy Seanie :)

Today was Sean's three hour oxygenation study.  He did really well.  He has grown up enough to have his oxygen off during the day.  We are so happy.  He can't get it off at night because his oxygen level dropped while he was sleeping.  Tonight he sat in the living room and enjoyed his new found freedom.  :)

He hasn't gained much weight since his appointment last week.  But, we have already moved him to all 24 calorie feedings.  Poor kid.  24 calorie feedings are hard on the tummy.  But, hopefully, we transitioned him slowly enough that it won't be too rough. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Things

Colton has discovered a few things . . . he has feet and he can blow raspberries.  Oh, fun times.  He thinks when he blows raspberries it's hilarious.  But, when I do it, he hates it.  It actually makes him cry.  LOL  Of course, he cries big crocodile tears and his nose and eyes get red almost instantly.  So, that means he gets to blow raspberries, but I don't.  :(  And, he loves to hold onto his feet.  He isn't sticking them in his mouth yet.  Not really sure how that will go over since I am a self-proclaimed feet hater.  I mean, I CAN NOT stand feet.  They are gross and disgusting.  They have toe-jam and fungus.  Did I tell you they are GROSS??  I guess now would be the time to mention that the boys' gear tried to kill me.  The bouncy chair failed in it's mission.  However, it did manage to break my toe.  I've had to tape it up in order to go to work.  But, it does give me the opportunity to torture my coworker who shares my disdain for feet. 

And, now, some pictures that I shared with my buddy who hates feet as much as I do . . .

Now, the second photo was taken so I could send it to my foot-phobic friend.  Bubba said let's take a picture with him kissing it to make it feel better.  Since I share her hatred of feet, I just assumed he wouldn't really kiss it, but maybe pucker up like he is going to kiss it.  So, while my neice is taking the picture (we were all in the car for a day trip), I am screaming bloody murder.  I mean REALLY?!?!?!  Who licks feet?!?!?  DISGUSTING!  But, I guess that's what happens when you assume . . .

Sean continues to work on his tummy time skills.  At least now he doesn't think it's torture.  That's a huge step for him.  HUGE!  And, while he isn't interested in his feet, he has discovered that thumb sucking is AWESOME.  In fact, his thumb sometimes gets in the way of his feedings.  He will be eating really well and then suddenly he's not.  You look down to discover that not only is the bottle in his mouth, but so is his little thumb.  Oh, Seanie!  It doesn't work that well! 

In the afternoon, both boys have specialist appointments.  Sean will see the pulmonologist and Colton will see the audiologist.  We will be attempting to do the hearing screen on Colton's left ear.  We did his right ear last time and then he declared himself finished.  Sean is getting his oxygenation study done.  We will be seeing how he does with lowered doses of oxygen, and hopefully, how he does without any oxygen.  He has decided he doesn't really want/need the oxygen.  His nasal cannula spends more time in his mouth than his nose.  Even though the lighting is bad, this might make up for having to look at my feet pictures.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post NICU Developmental Follow-up

The boys had their post NICU developmental follow-up appointment this morning.  We met the developmental pediatrician and the physcial therapist.  We were supposed to meet with the medical social worker, but she had a schedule conflict.  So, I spoke with her a few days ago.  First they weighed and measured the boys. 

Colton: 13 lb, 11 oz; 24.75 inches
Sean: 11 lb, 5 oz; 23.25 inches

(Their lengths are the same as they were last month.)  While the medical assistant was checking the boys in, I was filling out a form which included a spot for me to list any concerns I had.  On Colton's form, I checked NO.  For Sean, I checked YES and said I was concerned about his weight gain and his recent vomiting after meals.  As I wrote that, I looked up at Bubba and said, "You know, I think Sean might need to see a speech therapist.  He might have an oral aversion." 

So first the doctor checked out Colton.  Then the physical therapist checked him out (this is the PT who saw the boys in the NICU, not the one who the boys monthly).  Both were happy with how Colton is doing.  Colton is in the 25%tile for his adjusted age, which is about what he was when he was born.  They are waiting for him to have a growth spurt.  :)

Then they checked out Seanie.  They think he is doing well overall, but they we need to work on weight-bearing on his legs.  This is unusual because most NICU babies do not need to strengthen their legs - they are usually too strong.  We talked about his feeding issues - taking a very long time to feed, the vomiting, and his poor weight gain.  So, Sean now has a referral to speech therapy because the doctor thinks he is developing an oral aversion.  When she said this, I laughed.  I said, you know as I was filling out the questionaire, that is exactly what dawned on me.  She is also sending a referral to the nutritionist to work on his weight gain.  She said we might have to increase his calories, add tickener to his formula, change bottles, or try reflux meds.  Seanie had being staying at about the 3%tile for his adjusted age, but has fallen off tha chart a little. 

When we got home, Sean was hungry.  Bubba fed him as Colton and I ran to the hairdresser to get my eyebrows waxed.  Oh boy did he love being at the hairdresser.  At first he was a little quiet because he had just woken up.  But once he decided he liked it, he chatted and flirted with my hairdresser.  After a few minutes of flirting, she offered Colton her daughter as his girlfriend.  Little Jade is almost 3 months old.  And, she's a CUTIE!  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are . . .

Last week, Bubba and I took the boys and our neice to the Oakland Zoo.  We had been planning on going to the San Francisco Zoo, but when we came out of the Caldecot Tunnel and saw the fog rolling into San Francisco, we detoured to Knowland Park.  The weather was perfect.  :)  Being out in the fresh air was really nice.  We saw the sun bear, several different types of monkeys and then we came upon the warthog.  I realized that the boys have something in common with the wart hog . . .

Who knew that warthogs were just like preemies?!?!  What does the warthog do to show that he is bothered by the noise?  Does he do what Sean would do?  Does he drop his heart rate?  Does he stop breathing?  Or maybe he increases his respiratory rate?  Does he hiccup?  Does he cover his face?  We didn't find out that day.  The warthog was sleeping in the distance.  Perhaps earlier visitors had stressed him out and he had shut out the stimuli by sleeping.  That's what Seanie does!  LOL!

Then we made our way to the lions.  At first the lions weren't out.  Then as we made our way around the other side of the lions, Sean wanted to eat.  So, I took him out of the stroller and fed him as we walked around.  The lioness came around was roaring as if she was annoyed - she would let out a small roar, wait about 30 seconds, and then let out a small roar again.  She did this over and over.  Little Sean thought this was hilarious!  Every time she would roar, he would laugh and smile.  When the lioness laid down and stopped roaring, Sean stopped feeding and looked around as if to say, "where did she go?" 

We also saw flamingos, meerkats, all types of birds (including the bird that had a sign that he might look like he's passed away, but he's really just old and tired), bison, elephants, giraffes, a baby eland, vultures, pythons, lizards, etc.  As we left, we stopped by the tiger.  Colton was impressed . . .  This was actually the only picture I got of either boy while at the zoo (that's cousin Amanda holding Colton).  They spent most of the time in the stroller.  One lady stopped and asked if she could see the boys.  She then asked how old they were.  I told her 7 months but that they came really early.  She squished up her face and loudly proclaimed, "Oh my God!  They are SO small!"  Then she turned to her friends and rattled off something in another language.  They probably thought I don't feed them!  I just smiled as I thought, "No lady!  They are freaking huge compaired to where they started!"  

After we left the zoo, we went to Walnut Creek.  We had dinner at Maria Maria.  We sat on the patio.  The food was great.  I wonder when I can convince Bubba that we need to go back there.  After dinner, we went to The Container Store.  Yes, an entire store dedicated to containers.  :)  And, then off to another favorite place of mine, Barnes and Noble.  I love books.  Amanda shares my love for books.  I bought her three books and a school planner.  I bought myself one book and a calander. 

This week the boys have their big NICU follow up appointment.  They will meet with several specialists during a 90 minute appointment (yes, that's 90 minutes for each boy!).  I think as soon as we're done with this appointment , I'll need a nap along with the boys. 

Little Seanie continues to work on tummy time . . . At least now, he can lift his head and keep his tongue in his mouth.  :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July!  Bubba and I took the boys out to the levee where we could watch about 6 different fireworks shows from afar.  We didn't want to go to a big show with lots of people and the smoke and smells of the fireworks.  So, Bubba and I went to almost the exact spot we went last year.  Last year, we had been invited to a famiy event but didn't go.  We had just found out that I was pregnant, but didn't want to tell anyone so we were laying low.  I was feeling pretty good, but it was too early to tell if they pregnancy was an ectopic (I had an ectopic in September, 2008). 

As we waited for the sun to go down so the fireworks shows could start, I was able to get some pictures of the boys.

Can you believe that these little guys are now seven months old?  Yes, seven months.  Amazing.  Sean weighed less than 5 sticks of butter.  Colton was the weight of a full grown squirrel. 

So, as the fireworks went off, the boys drank their bottles.  Sean would stop to remind us that he has found his voice (as if we could forget) and he has a lot to say.  Such a sweet little voice he has.  It's not that super sweet baby voice you would expect; it's kind of gruff sounding.  Larry thinks he might sound like Froggy from Little Rascals.  LOL. 

Colton showed off his new skill tonight.  He can make raspberries.  And, boy does he think he's funny when he does it.   Of course, he wouldn't do anything for me when I had my phone out to snap pictures. 

If you look closely, you can see where Colton's hair sticks up.  It's because of his scar from his temporary shunt.

Seanie is still working on tummy time.  He sure doesn't like it, but he has gotten better at it.  One night, last week, I got this picture text to me while I was at work.  Oh, such a sweet sight!  You can tell by the look on his face (and his tongue hanging out), he is working very hard.  You gotta love this kid!  :)