Friday, February 4, 2011

2 Months!! Who let me go two Months?!?!?

I can't believe it's been twon since I last posted.  A lot has happened.  A lot. 

Let's start with Colton.  He is now over 18 lb.  He is cruising along the furniture like a champ.  He is even getting comfortable enough to reach to other items to grab onto.  He loves to grab into my pants when I am in the kitchen.  It makes it nearly impossible to cook with him around.  Tonight Bubba got out an old baby gate (we used with the dogs) to use to block off the kitchen.  He will be devastated when he learns he can't get to his magical chilly box aka the fridge.  He loves getting into the fridge.  He comes as fast as he can when he hears you open it. 

Colton has gotten two colds since I lasted posted.  He came through them like nothing happened.  Yeah, he was uncomfortable and a little whiny.  But, he never even got sick enough that we had to take him to the pedi.  His circumsicion was cancelled because of his cold and has been rescheduled for March.  His MRI this month showed a beautifully functioning shunt.  Whew!  We had the MRI done because I was worried that he just wanted acting like himself.  Maybe it was those colds he had.

We are working on teaching Colton some sign language.  He likes to grunt, growl and hiss at us.  When he wants more food, he grunts.  When I sign "more" and say "more," he grunts louder.  You can tell he is frustrated because he thinks I should know what his grunt means.  It's funny.  I can't help but laugh at him. 

Seanie, on the other hand, is giving us some concern.  First, the great news.  He was discharged from pulmonolgy's service even when he was in the midst of a cold.  The doc was very happy with his progress respiratory-wise.   He did bring up the concern that Seanie isn't gaining weight as he should be. Doc said if Seanie didn't get back on the growth curve, a feeding tube wold be considered.  I did try to convince the doc that Seanie comes from long, lean stock, but he wasn't buying it.  Maybe I should have told him Bubba was 6' 3" and 140 lb at 16 years old!!!  I would have, but Bubba didn't share that info until after Seanie and I got home from the appointment.  But, who the hell is that tall and skinny????  Seriously, Bubba, you should have been eating cheeseburgers with extra cheese. 

Seanie had been following his own growth curve until January.  Then he fell off the curve.  Since then, we have been adding malted milk to all of Seanie's bottles and giving him an extra bottle of Pediasure every day.  But, Seanie was weighed for his Synagis shot today and he hasn't gained an ounce since we started his new diet plan! :(  So, tonight, I went grocery shopping.  I bought a lot of whole fat products.  I made his pasta and chicken with a cream sauce, mashed potatoes, cheesy meatballs, and even some oatmeal for the morning.  Don't we all wish we could have oatmeal made with heavy cream instead of milk, or even worse, water?!?! 

Seanie also got a new specialist.  Lose a specialist, gain a specialist.  He now has a neurologist.  His hip and thigh muscles are very tight.  He was approved for weekly physical therapy back in November or December, but he had his first visit last week.  These appointments are in addition to the monthly Kaiser PT visits he gets.  After the neurologist examined him, he says Seanie has the markers for CP.  He thinks that the weekly PT will help him a great deal and wants to see him again in a year. 

Seanie had his monthly PT visit today.  The therapist and I talked about trying water therapy this summer.  She said she has seen it work wonders with these little guys.  I think the closest place that does it is in Berkeley.  That might be too much of a trip.  But, she said even getting him into a pool for swim lessons will help.  So, finding either a closer therapy place or swim lessons for Seanie is a priority.  And, then Seanie surprised us!  The therpaist had been showing him how to go from a sit to a kneel to a stand.  And the he did it on his own!!  Yes, Seanie stood up all on his own!  Of course, he looked like he had just ran two miles - he had to lean over on the table he was standing at.  But, he did it!!  On.  His.  Own!!   WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

And, now, off to bed for Momma . . .


  1. My Godchildren are amazing. (smile) Oh and Bubba 6'2 140lbs really??? I would never have pictured him that skinny LOL.

  2. They are amazing and so adorable. Thanks for the update.

  3. So glad to hear their progress! Those are two tough, independent little fellas and they're doing great! ((hugs))