Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saying his R's

On Wednesday, Sean had his speech therapy appointment.  When I told my co-worker he was going to ST, she said, "What?  The kid can't say his R's yet?"  I replied that he just didn't need help with his R's, but also saying his TH's and the ST promised to getting him saying them real soon

So, what did we really learn from our ST visit?  That Sean likes to eat, but not from a bottle!  He likes to chew his bottle's nipple.  What baby chews his nipples???  Well, we all know little Seanie likes to do things his own way.  This is just one of those things.  So, the ST gave us some suggestions about how to get him to actually suck on the nipple.  So far none of them have worked. :(  But, we're working on it.  The good news is that Sean does have a strong suck when he is sucking on your finger and he shows absolutely no signs of an oral aversion.  YAY! 

Sean also recently had another hearing exam.  He passed with flying colors.  Colton had his and he passed on his left side (had previously passed on his right side), but his right side showed a lot of fluid.  So, we are continuing to watch his for fluid in his right ear (left ear had no fluid).  What happens if Colton continues to have fluid in his ear?  He will get a tube in it.  For preemies, they put ear tubes in sooner rather than later.  This is done because preemies are at a great risk for language delays and fluid would cause an even greater delay.  Getting rid of the fluid helps get the babies back on track for their language development. 

Both boys are enjoying their laughing skills. Colton thinks he's funny.  He loves to laugh at himself.  I swear, he thinks he's the funniest kid around.  He loves to flirt when we're out.  Little Sean, in contrast, is such the observer.  He looks around checking everything out all while sucking on his thumb.  But, when he thinks something is funny, he lets you know with his hoarse little laugh.  It's so adorable.


  1. I know they are so cute when they are laughing and sometimes they may only be laughing at the sound of their laugh. I know from experience what a benefit having the tubes early could be. My son had the tubes put in but when he was 4. The Doc kept saying I was pushy mother when I voiced concerns about his verbal skills. He should have listened to me and had the tubes put in earlier. Don was in intense speech therapy for 1 year and in special classes for kindergarten and 1st grade. They actually put him in classes for kids with aphasia (which he wasn't) but L.A. school district had that or 2- 1/2 hr of speech therapy a week. I was an angry pit bull and fought the district and I won.

  2. Hey Cuda, I forgot to mention that your "favorite" drivers little boy was born on MY birthday- 08/09/10!