Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been suffering; we've all been suffering.  Sean is feeling the best out of the whole family.  Daddy and Colton both have colds.  Daddy has a big cold, complete with, "I don't feel good.  What can I take to  make me feel better?"  Colton has a little bit of a cold - not big enough to worry about, but definitely big enough to cancel his audiology appointment in the morning.  And, I have somehow managed to hurt myself again.  I rolled my ankle the other night.  Now it's swollen and I have a huge bruise along the side of my foot and ankle.  It constantly hurts no matter what I take for it and I walk with a very noticable limp.  I have also become an insomniac.  The boys are sleeping through the night, but mommy can't!  This week, the earliest I have gone to bed has been 4 am.  Yes, 4 am.  Usually, I've been hitting the sack at about 6 am.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!  I've tried taking benadryl, unisom and even a pain pill.  Nothing has worked.  NOTHING! 

So, how about some good news.  Because good news is what it's all about, right?  The boys are now 5 months adjusted.  Yes, my little guys are already 5 months adjusted (8 months, 1 week actual).  How did we celebrate?  Nice warm baths, warm milky bottles, and brand new matching jammies.  WHat more could a preemie ask for?

Night all!

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