Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where is Autumn?

Today it was about 90 degrees.  Where is autumn?  I want the cool crisp breezes.  I want to be able to fill thse house with the smell of chili cooking.  I want to snuggle up under a warm blanket with the boys while I sip hot chocolate.  Instead, the air conditioner is blasting during the day.  :( 

Another autumn duty for the boys is their flu shots.  Since this is their first flu shots, they will actually need a series of two.  They got their first one today.  Bubba also got his today.  Then, after their appointment, I waited in the pharmacy for a perscription.  One of the folks in line said nothing in life is free.  Another person says, "germs are!"  A third comments, "Kaiser is giving us free flu shots this year!"  And, then the crazy lady jumped into the conversation.  Oh brother . . . here we go . . . She started ranting how her mother died from a flu shot.  She went on about how her mother's doctor explained that flu shots kill your immune system and make it so you cannot fight simple infections.  She then started asking who got flu shots.  I said I get one every year and just gave them to my kids (with a smile, of course).  Another woman says, "oooooh, you should talk to your doctor then . . . "  I replied that I was a registered nurse and my babies were micropreemies and a flu this year could kill them.  The crazy lady then says, "WELL!  The flu shot DID kill my mother!"  I said, "Well, I will take my chances," with a smile.  HOLY COO COO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!

And, now for the good part . . .

Colton: 16 lb, 15.9 oz; 27.5 inches
Sean: 14 lb, 4.7 oz; 26.25 inches

We are watching Colton's head size.  Although his MRI is August was great, his head has had a growth spurt while the rest of him hasn't.  UGH!  His neurosurgeon is on vacation until Monday, but is aware of Colton's head measurement.  The good news is that Colton is having no other symptoms of his shunt not properly working.  So, what does this mean?  We watch and wait.  I hate this part.  I really, really hate it. 

Some excellent news for Sean is that in 10 days, he has gained almost 4 ounces.  WOOHOO!!!  These measurements also says he's grown 2 inches.  That has to be a mistake.  It has to.  I am thinking he was 26.25 inches on his October 4th appointment. 

Maybe this weekend, I will be able to write a blog on the boys' trip to Nana's and Disneyland.  We had a blast and the boys are GREAT travelers.  

And, now sweet little Seanie says Good Night . . .


  1. Some people... Hug those babies from Aunt Kathy, I miss them (you too)

  2. Sweet boys! Hey - I just got a Neosure $5 check in the mail, if you want it, it's yours. email me