Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trip to Nana's and Disneyland :)

Over Columbus Day weekend, I took some time off work and we took the boys and their cousin to southern California to see their Nana and visit Disneyland.  Nana is 86 years old and has lived in Fontana since I was born.  She doesn't travel very well so she hadn't even met the boys yet and it had been about 6 years since either Amanda or I had seen her!  Way too long, if you ask me. 

So, on Friday, when Amanda got out of school, we finished packing up the car and headed out of town. Almost immediately the boys fell alseep.  They didn't sleep the whole way down, which wouldn't have been good because then they wouldn't have slept that night.  With stops, it took us about 8 hours to get to Fontana.  By myself, I can make that trip in about 6 hours.  The boys waited to eat until we got to the bottom of the Grapevine.  We stopped for In N Out for food for us, milky bottles for the boys, and a bathroom break.  Well, when the food came, Colton immediately stuck his hand in the french fries.  He was going to have some of those fries no matter what anyone else was saying.  Sean wasn't interested in the fries until he saw that Colton was enjoying them.  So, we handed Sean a fry to see what he thought of them.  He liked them, but not nearly as much as his piggy brother.  :) 

 When we finally made it to the hotel in Fontana, Colton was not ready for bed.  Of course not, he had been sleeping in the car.  And, sharing the pack and play with Sean meant he thought it was PLAY TIME!  UGH.  I was up with him until 3 am.  Everyone else was sound asleep. 
We spent Saturday with Nana, Cheyenne, and Mark.  Everyone had a great time.  It was nice to catch up with everyone.  :)
On Sunday, we went to Disneyland.  Now, I know the boys are too young to enjoy Disneyland.  But, I'M NOT!!  I seriously love Disneyland.  I wish I could go once a month.   So, we had a great time in Disneyland and California Adventure.  The boys loved It's a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Neither of them were scared or cried.  Colton was completely facinated by Small World.  It was a long hot day.  We were in the parks for about 12 hours.  We even walked back to the hotel before Disney closed!  The next day was going to be the long drive home. 


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