Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day & Happy Birthday, Daddy!

The 20th was Bubba's first Fathers Day and his birthday.  What did we do to celebrate?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! :)  We hung around the house all day and ate leftovers from yesterday's BBQ.  (Sometimes a BBQ hotdog that is reheated by slicing it longways and frying it is the best.)  I asked Bubba several times if he wanted to do something special for his birthday and every time he said, "Nope.  Let's just hang out."  So, we watched the NASCAR race and took a nice afternoon nap with the boys in our bed.  Nothing like an afternoon nap with baby boys and Bubba.

Sean did have a bit of a rough day.  He hardly ate - he was busy trying to poop.  But, I think it also stemmed from being overstimulated on Saturday.  We had about 20 guests over for a BBQ.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL.  Bubba's friend Ramon took over grilling duties after Bubba tried to burn the hotdogs.  Thank goodness - I had forgotten that Bubba can grill a mean steak, but burns the dogs every - single - time.  But, as the party started to wind down, I had to take Sean to the bedroom and lie down with him.  It took him a few minutes, but he did fall asleep.  Of course, Colton was social and flirted with everyone. 

Off to bed, this is going to be a busy week - working two days, teeth cleanings, neice moving in, and renew CPR certificate (opps! Better find the old card!).

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