Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Boys! :)

Colton is now 5lb 7.6oz.  Seanie is 4lb! :)

Colton is taking all his feedings by bottle now.  When the nurses feed him, he eats aboiut 2oz in 30 minutes.  He should be eating his meals in 30 minutes or less.  Feedings taking longer than 30 minutes are too tiring for the babies.  Now, when Mommie feeds him, it take quite a bit longer to get 2oz in little Colton.  Not only does Colton need to learn to drink from a bottle, Mommie needs to learn to feed him using the bottle.  Colton also had his eye exam yesterday.  NO ROP!  He gets to have his next eye exam in one year! :)  His oxygen is now down to 30cc/minute.  And, he got a visit from his neurosurgeon who is very happy with his progress. 

Seanie is tolerating his SiPAP very well.  Everyone is very happy about his progress.  He has had a few attempts taking his feedings from a bottle.  He doesn't do too well, but the nurses say it's difficult to eat with all that oxygen flowing in from his SiPAP.  He had another eye exam this week, too.  No ROP, but he does need another check in two weeks.  It's not because the doctor saw something he didn't like, it's because he is still on oxygen.  During our visit tonight, Daddy got to hold Seanie for about 30 minutes. :)


  1. Cuda great news on the boys. Call me sometime when you have some free time, lol, like that will ever happen. I'd love to catch up. of course you can always text too. Miss ya. Can't wait for Spring and my next CA trip.

  2. Thank you for the updates. I check this page every day! Would love to see some new pictures when you get time.