Friday, February 19, 2010

Didn't forget about the blog! :)

Hey everyone!  I know I've slacked off this past week.  I'm sorry.  First, let me say the boys are doing well.  There's nothing to worry about. :)  They are going to be 37 weeks on Friday (that's 11 weeks old!).

Sean is now 4lb 5.1oz.  He is taking about half of his feedings from a bottle.  He is now eating 48ml of a 27 calorie mix of 50 % 30-calorie formula and 50% 24-calorie fortified breastmilk. He eats every 4 hours and will often fall asleep while eating, but he continues to eat!  While this higher calorie mix will put some weight on the skinny peanut, it's not easy on his digestive system.  It makes for a very stinky boy!  His nurse walked away tonight while I was doing a diaper change and said, "Good luck with that!"  When I left, he was pooping again.  On my way out the door, I told her, "Good luck with that!  I'm going home!"  Seanie is now on vapotherm.  He is doing well on it.  He is always active and alert.  He gets some cuddling every visit now.  We have to make up for all that lost time.  All the nurses know when Seanie wants something.  He's not quiet about his needs.  Wonder who he gets that from???  One thing that I have noticed this week is that is appears that his eyes are changing from the newborn blue-grey to something darker, maybe brown.  If his eyes are in fact getting darker this soon, he will definately have brown eyes.  The little bit of peach fuzz he has on his head is definatley dark!  To my family - he looks like a Gaffagan.  No doubt about it!

Colton is now 5lb 13oz!!  The kid is a freaking MOOSE!!! :)  He is still on his low flow oxygen of 25ml/min.  I asked, "Can't I just blow in his face every few minutes??"  LOL  Up until yesterday, they would have to increase it during feedings, but now he's able to keep it at the 25ml.  Really the next step is to turn it OFF!! :)  He is taking all of his feedings by bottle.  He gets as much as he will eat.  So, usually it's between 50ml and 80ml.  For awhile they were trying to get him to dictate his schedule.  That didn't work. He would rather sleep.  So he's on a 4 hour schedule unless he wakes up sooner.  He, like his brother, likes to fall asleep while eating but continue to eat.  And, when it comes time to burp, he likes to impress the ladies!  The nurses across the room will say, "Good boy, Colton!"  He burps like a man!  Colton looks like his dad.  That's for sure.  The nurses even comment about it.  He has light hair and his eyes are blue, not the newborn blue-grey most babies have.  It will be interesting to see what both Colton and Seanie look like in a few years.  No doubt about it, they are NOT identical.

For the last two weeks, the nurses have told us that Colton will be coming home in about two weeks.  So far, his homecoming is two weeks away.  He needs to feed better and the doctors would like him off that little bit of oxygen he's on.  However, he can come home on that amount of oxygen (Sean will probably come home on more oxygen than that).  No estimated homecoming date for Seanie. 

I have returned to work until the boys come home.  It's okay being back to work.  I love the gals I work with.  I will miss Chewbacca.  Chewie and I shared a due date.  Monday was her last day before her maternity leave.  It was my first day back.  We had a potluck and a baby shower for her.  Sadly, she won't be coming back to work with us once she has her baby.  She will be moving to another hospital.  We will all miss you Chewie!  Being back at work did bring back some memories of the night I had the boys.  And, let me tell you, it wasn't the good parts of that night!  I used to think women who said they had PTSD from their deliveries were a little (okay, a lot) wacky.  Um, yeah, not so much anymore.  I can see how it happens. 

And, I promise I won't wait a week to update the blog.  I really am sorry.

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