Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update of a long week . . .

I've been busy celebrating the good news! :)

Colton has been taken off the vapotherm and is on a regular nasal cannula.  It's only on 50 milliliters/min.  This is something he can come home with!  He feedings and care have been switched to every 4 hours instead of every 3.  He also had a few days where he tried eating one meal a day by bottle.  Yesterday the doctor said to take out his feeding tube and have him take all his meals by bottle!! WOOOHOOOO!!!  The nurses are estimating that Colton will be home by the end of the month!  He still needs to complete his car seat challenge test.  He has to be able to sit in his car seat for an hour and tolerate it.  That is done about a week before he gets to come home. 

Seanie has stayed off the vent! :)  He was on SiPAP for about 4 days and then was switched to vapotherm.  He is on the highest setting, but he's on it and tolerating it pretty well!  :)  He is now allowed to have the top of his isolette open, but they have to keep a little heat on him or else he gets too cold.  He does get to wear a onesie as well.  His feedings and care have also been moved to every 4 hours.  This little man is definately moving in the right direction!  WHEW!  Seanie weighs 3lb 12 oz now! :)


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