Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are . . .

Last week, Bubba and I took the boys and our neice to the Oakland Zoo.  We had been planning on going to the San Francisco Zoo, but when we came out of the Caldecot Tunnel and saw the fog rolling into San Francisco, we detoured to Knowland Park.  The weather was perfect.  :)  Being out in the fresh air was really nice.  We saw the sun bear, several different types of monkeys and then we came upon the warthog.  I realized that the boys have something in common with the wart hog . . .

Who knew that warthogs were just like preemies?!?!  What does the warthog do to show that he is bothered by the noise?  Does he do what Sean would do?  Does he drop his heart rate?  Does he stop breathing?  Or maybe he increases his respiratory rate?  Does he hiccup?  Does he cover his face?  We didn't find out that day.  The warthog was sleeping in the distance.  Perhaps earlier visitors had stressed him out and he had shut out the stimuli by sleeping.  That's what Seanie does!  LOL!

Then we made our way to the lions.  At first the lions weren't out.  Then as we made our way around the other side of the lions, Sean wanted to eat.  So, I took him out of the stroller and fed him as we walked around.  The lioness came around was roaring as if she was annoyed - she would let out a small roar, wait about 30 seconds, and then let out a small roar again.  She did this over and over.  Little Sean thought this was hilarious!  Every time she would roar, he would laugh and smile.  When the lioness laid down and stopped roaring, Sean stopped feeding and looked around as if to say, "where did she go?" 

We also saw flamingos, meerkats, all types of birds (including the bird that had a sign that he might look like he's passed away, but he's really just old and tired), bison, elephants, giraffes, a baby eland, vultures, pythons, lizards, etc.  As we left, we stopped by the tiger.  Colton was impressed . . .  This was actually the only picture I got of either boy while at the zoo (that's cousin Amanda holding Colton).  They spent most of the time in the stroller.  One lady stopped and asked if she could see the boys.  She then asked how old they were.  I told her 7 months but that they came really early.  She squished up her face and loudly proclaimed, "Oh my God!  They are SO small!"  Then she turned to her friends and rattled off something in another language.  They probably thought I don't feed them!  I just smiled as I thought, "No lady!  They are freaking huge compaired to where they started!"  

After we left the zoo, we went to Walnut Creek.  We had dinner at Maria Maria.  We sat on the patio.  The food was great.  I wonder when I can convince Bubba that we need to go back there.  After dinner, we went to The Container Store.  Yes, an entire store dedicated to containers.  :)  And, then off to another favorite place of mine, Barnes and Noble.  I love books.  Amanda shares my love for books.  I bought her three books and a school planner.  I bought myself one book and a calander. 

This week the boys have their big NICU follow up appointment.  They will meet with several specialists during a 90 minute appointment (yes, that's 90 minutes for each boy!).  I think as soon as we're done with this appointment , I'll need a nap along with the boys. 

Little Seanie continues to work on tummy time . . . At least now, he can lift his head and keep his tongue in his mouth.  :)


  1. the boys are looking so great! Maybe you should carry a pic of them when they were first born so you can just whip it out and say "See they are huge compared to when they were born" save ya lots of weird looks and foreign whispers haha

  2. I didn't know that about warthogs and I've been keyed into preemies a long time! :-) Sounds like you and your BIG boys had a lovely day. I look forward to reading more after the boy's NICU followup appts.

  3. Oh I wish I had known you were going to the zoo, I would have loved to see the boys.
    I always feel sorry for the poor Warhogs when my kids pass by.