Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post NICU Developmental Follow-up

The boys had their post NICU developmental follow-up appointment this morning.  We met the developmental pediatrician and the physcial therapist.  We were supposed to meet with the medical social worker, but she had a schedule conflict.  So, I spoke with her a few days ago.  First they weighed and measured the boys. 

Colton: 13 lb, 11 oz; 24.75 inches
Sean: 11 lb, 5 oz; 23.25 inches

(Their lengths are the same as they were last month.)  While the medical assistant was checking the boys in, I was filling out a form which included a spot for me to list any concerns I had.  On Colton's form, I checked NO.  For Sean, I checked YES and said I was concerned about his weight gain and his recent vomiting after meals.  As I wrote that, I looked up at Bubba and said, "You know, I think Sean might need to see a speech therapist.  He might have an oral aversion." 

So first the doctor checked out Colton.  Then the physical therapist checked him out (this is the PT who saw the boys in the NICU, not the one who the boys monthly).  Both were happy with how Colton is doing.  Colton is in the 25%tile for his adjusted age, which is about what he was when he was born.  They are waiting for him to have a growth spurt.  :)

Then they checked out Seanie.  They think he is doing well overall, but they we need to work on weight-bearing on his legs.  This is unusual because most NICU babies do not need to strengthen their legs - they are usually too strong.  We talked about his feeding issues - taking a very long time to feed, the vomiting, and his poor weight gain.  So, Sean now has a referral to speech therapy because the doctor thinks he is developing an oral aversion.  When she said this, I laughed.  I said, you know as I was filling out the questionaire, that is exactly what dawned on me.  She is also sending a referral to the nutritionist to work on his weight gain.  She said we might have to increase his calories, add tickener to his formula, change bottles, or try reflux meds.  Seanie had being staying at about the 3%tile for his adjusted age, but has fallen off tha chart a little. 

When we got home, Sean was hungry.  Bubba fed him as Colton and I ran to the hairdresser to get my eyebrows waxed.  Oh boy did he love being at the hairdresser.  At first he was a little quiet because he had just woken up.  But once he decided he liked it, he chatted and flirted with my hairdresser.  After a few minutes of flirting, she offered Colton her daughter as his girlfriend.  Little Jade is almost 3 months old.  And, she's a CUTIE!  :)

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  1. I am so very Happy for you both. I love reading the blog. Cindy you should be a writer the way you descibe the events in your lives, it is like I am right their with you all. I spoke to Grampa Dane a few weeks ago and he told me how terrific the boys are. I would really love to meet them. I am so sad that Grama Sharon wasn't able to share her great Love and watch their progress. Please give my love to Larry and your darling Colton and Sean. Love
    Betty Bowser