Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Things

Colton has discovered a few things . . . he has feet and he can blow raspberries.  Oh, fun times.  He thinks when he blows raspberries it's hilarious.  But, when I do it, he hates it.  It actually makes him cry.  LOL  Of course, he cries big crocodile tears and his nose and eyes get red almost instantly.  So, that means he gets to blow raspberries, but I don't.  :(  And, he loves to hold onto his feet.  He isn't sticking them in his mouth yet.  Not really sure how that will go over since I am a self-proclaimed feet hater.  I mean, I CAN NOT stand feet.  They are gross and disgusting.  They have toe-jam and fungus.  Did I tell you they are GROSS??  I guess now would be the time to mention that the boys' gear tried to kill me.  The bouncy chair failed in it's mission.  However, it did manage to break my toe.  I've had to tape it up in order to go to work.  But, it does give me the opportunity to torture my coworker who shares my disdain for feet. 

And, now, some pictures that I shared with my buddy who hates feet as much as I do . . .

Now, the second photo was taken so I could send it to my foot-phobic friend.  Bubba said let's take a picture with him kissing it to make it feel better.  Since I share her hatred of feet, I just assumed he wouldn't really kiss it, but maybe pucker up like he is going to kiss it.  So, while my neice is taking the picture (we were all in the car for a day trip), I am screaming bloody murder.  I mean REALLY?!?!?!  Who licks feet?!?!?  DISGUSTING!  But, I guess that's what happens when you assume . . .

Sean continues to work on his tummy time skills.  At least now he doesn't think it's torture.  That's a huge step for him.  HUGE!  And, while he isn't interested in his feet, he has discovered that thumb sucking is AWESOME.  In fact, his thumb sometimes gets in the way of his feedings.  He will be eating really well and then suddenly he's not.  You look down to discover that not only is the bottle in his mouth, but so is his little thumb.  Oh, Seanie!  It doesn't work that well! 

In the afternoon, both boys have specialist appointments.  Sean will see the pulmonologist and Colton will see the audiologist.  We will be attempting to do the hearing screen on Colton's left ear.  We did his right ear last time and then he declared himself finished.  Sean is getting his oxygenation study done.  We will be seeing how he does with lowered doses of oxygen, and hopefully, how he does without any oxygen.  He has decided he doesn't really want/need the oxygen.  His nasal cannula spends more time in his mouth than his nose.  Even though the lighting is bad, this might make up for having to look at my feet pictures.  :)

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  1. I dislike feet, too! Except baby feet. :) I sent off your mail yesterday, finally. Sorry it took longer than I thought!