Monday, March 22, 2010

108 Days

The boys are now 108 days old.  Colton has been home for 20 days.  And, now, finally, the neonatologists are looking at sending Little Seanie home!  :)  They are very happy how Sean is doing.  He is on 100ml of oxygen a minute and is doing well on it.  His estimated discharge is this coming weekend!  Of course, he has to pass his car seat challenge test and continue to do well on this amount of oxygen.  It doesn't always go as planned. Another NICU baby was all ready to go home last weekend.  He caught a cold, yes, a cold, and his discharge was cancelled.  He doesn't have a new discharge date.  This little guy was born at 24 weeks, 5 days, just two days after the boys were born. 

Colton is now 7lb, 9oz
Sean is now 7lb, 3oz

Seanie is definately catching up to his big brother!  Sean eats about 100ml per feeding; Colton eats about 90ml.  Sean has been taken off the high calorie formula and is just on preemie formula.  His formula has 22 calories per ounce.  Colton is still on 24 calories an ounce. 

Colton is doing very well at home.  He loves to hang out with his dad and dog.  He really doesn't care what is going on as long as he is tightly swaddled.  He loves his swing.  And, the good little boy sleeps for about 5-6 hours at night.  Thank you NICU nurses for putting him on a schedule! :)  (Sean is doing the same thing in the NICU!)

Happy Monday! :)

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  1. All fantastic news Cyndy, i'm over the moon at the progess of both your boys, testament only to your love and dedication to them both.
    (oh okay, so NICU may have helped along the way lol !)
    Hoping Sean will be home to complete the family at the weekend:o))
    Shelley x