Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I went to see Seanie by myself.  Bubba stayed home and watched Colton.  When I got to the hospital, Seanie's nurse had just gone to dinner.  The break relief said, "C said to tell you that Sean grew up overnight and she would explain when she got back from her break."  Hhhhmmm.  Ok.  I needed to pump so I was setting up my pump stuff, but I paused to look at him to see if he was swollen or something of the like.  I walk around his isolette and notice that I don't have to walk around any equipment.  WHAT?!?!?!  WAIT A SECOND!!!  I say, really loudly and breaking every NICU rule, "HOLY SHIT!!  HE'S OFF THE VAPOTHERM!  THE VAPOTHERM IS GONE!  OH MY GOD!"  The three nurses in the room start laughing instead of scolding me for my loud voice and cursing!  I forget about pumping and scoop Seanie up and start crying!  I tell him, "Oh Seanie!  I knew you could do it!  Mommy is so proud of you and loves you so much!"  I was a bit too excited for him and he started breathing really quickly and dropping his oxygen level.  WHOOPS!!!!  I put him back down, swaddled him, and let him rest (and recover) while I pumped. 

When C came back from her break, we talked about what Dr Z did today.  Dr Z walked in and said that Seanie has been there long enough and he wants to see what Seanie can do.  So, off of the vapotherm and on to wall oxygen and change his diet to 22 calorie formula.  Dr Z is the perfect doctor for Sean.  Sean only likes to do things on his terms.  But, if we left it up to him, he would be celebrating his first birthday in the NICU.  Dr Z believes in challenging the kids like Sean.  Sean likes to rise to the challenge.  :)  Oh Lord, Seanie is his mother's son.  I am in for it!!! 

So, this is a challenge.  Seanie might not be able to stay off of the vapotherm.  We will know in less than a day if he needs to be back on it. 


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  1. Sat here with tears of joy running down my face as I just read this to my hubby! I am soooo happy for you and for Sean!!! I just cannot imagine having to leave my babies for so long and now to just have one in the hospital still! Praying you have both boys at home with you soon! Come on Sean you can do it!