Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seanie and his Terms

UGH!  We went to the hospital today to bring little Seanie home with us.  As soon as I walked into the NICU, C says that Sean has had a "funky day."  She explains that he had a nurse who doesn't know him.  The nurse had his swaddled tightly (he hates that) and he didn't feed well for her.  But, when C came to work, he was doing well, but she was a little concerned.  Well, when he was literally minutes from being discharged, he started acting up.  He dropped his oxygen level lower than it's been in weeks!  Something just wasn't right.  So, C called the doctor and she came to see him.  Dr L came to see him and she, along with C and me decided he needed to stay a little longer.  UGH!!  It might be a day, it might be a few days, it might be a week.

Colton is doing well and thinks being the "only child" is just fine with him!

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