Monday, March 1, 2010

Overnight Visit with the Boys :)

Last night Bubba and I spent the night in the NICU in one of their family sleep rooms.  It was like a cheap motel - bathroom door hit the bed when opened, no window, no fridge - but it did have free wifi.  I wanted to blog from there but just didn't get the chance.  Bubba and I were up every 4 hours to feed and change the boys.  Each feeding and change took 90 minutes.  For the 8am feeding, Bubba went to feed them while I pumped.  WHOOPS!!  I didn't pump, I slept!  LOL

So, here are the updates . . .

Seanie is now 5lb 7oz! :)  In a fit of rage, he pulled his feeding tube out AGAIN.  The doc had already written an order to take it out, so he currently doesn't have one.  The plan for him is ad lib feeding and care.  This means he gets to eat how much he wants, when he wants.  Those poor nurses.  He is going to drive them crazy!  Since they started feeding him, he always wanted to eat earlier than his sceduled time.  The doc checked his prealbumin level (it's a protein in the blood).  It was low so he is now getting a protein supplement - basically his feedings are protein drinks. :)  Seanie also got his eyes checked again this week.  All is well, recheck in 2 weeks.  Because they haven't been able to really wean him on the vapotherm, the pulmonologist was called to look at him to make sure something else wasn't going on.  Pulmonologist said nothing else is going on, he's just taking his own sweet time.  Anyone who has met Seanie knows that little guy ONLY does things on his own terms!

Colton is now 6lb 11oz!  Holy smokes that boy is huge!  He is doing tremendously better on his feedings.  He still burps like a truck driver.  Because his feedings are going well, they ordered his home equipment.  It should be delivered to the house tomorrow morning.  Then Bubba and I will spend the night in the NICU again.  This time he will be in the room with us.  We will call the nurse to bring us a bottle when he's hungry.  Yes, Colton will be getting room service.   If all goes well, Colton will be coming home with us on Tuesday!!  The only bump in the road can be if he doesn't pass his car seat challenge test.  That might have already been done earlier tonight.  Two days after going home, he will have his regular well baby check up like a regular baby!  He will follow up with the neurosurgeon in four weeks.  In July, he will meet with the developmental pediatrician (Seanie will as well).  The developmental pedi follows the boys to make sure they are meeting their developmental milestones. 

So, there is a lot of nervousness and excitement in the house tonight.  :)

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