Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Day in the NICU

First, a lot of people have asked for pictures.  I need to find my cable to download the pics off my camera.  Sadly, findly the cord is lower on the to-do list than things like laundry and grocery shopping.  I promise I will have pictures up soon.  Promise.

Sean had his ventilator changed today.  He just wasn't doing well on the vent, so he was changed to a high frequency vent.  It gives him 600 breaths a minute!!  It causes his little chest to vibrate.  The vibration is barely visible when he's laying on his tummy, but you can definatley feel it when you touch him.  The best part is that within about an hour on this vent, it was clear he was feeling better.  His labs were better and he was so awake and alert!!  He kept looking around.  He muct have been thinking, "Hey guys!  It's about time!  You should have put me on this two days ago when I started feeling bad!"  

Now, Colton still struggles.  Because of the bleed in Colton's brain, there is some fluid that's not allowed to drain properly.  So, the doctor decided to do a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to get some of the fluid out of there and to see if he might have an infection.  Sadly, Colton does have an infection.  He is now on two antibiotics.  He had been very lethargic the past few days. This might be why.  As I said earlier today, he is back on the vent.  He is requiring more and more support from it - probably from the infection and brain bleed (although we think the brain bleed happened last week so it might be more from the infection).  The doctors are considering the high frequency vent for Colton too.  After seeing how well Sean responded on it, I wouldn't have any problem with Colton going on it.

While picking up some necessities tonight, I found little purple stockings to hang by the boys' isolettes.  I was hoping I'd find something super Christmasy, but they only had purple or pink in mini-stockings.  I thought I regular size stocking might be overkill.  I also got some scrapbooking paper and stickers to make crib cards for the boys.  Holy smokes!  I am so NOT crafty!!  I don't know how scrapbookers do it!!  I just don't know!  But, I did a decent job and starting tomorrow, their isolettes will also have card with their names and birthdate on them.

Off to bed . . .


  1. I just caught up on all the blog posts. Been crazy here with Adam, but I've been praying. Can't wait to meet these munchkins in person in the Spring.

    Missing you Cuda