Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Ignore Me! :)

Last night after Bubba got home from work, we went up to see the boys. I really don't like him working and me not being able to drive. I think I need to venture out in the car to see how I do driving. I'm not on any pain meds anymore. I just worry about being able to hit the break if something happens.

Colton is hanging out. He's a little puffy - I called him the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man! He got some lasix to get some fluid off of him. The nurses say this is totally normal. Their little systems can't regulate their electrolytes so they need some help here and there. He is tolerating the breastmilk and now getting 3 mls every 3 hours. Best part of the visit was when they were getting ready to close his isolette and the nurse says, "Give your boy a kiss!" Um, I can? So, I bent down and gave him a little kiss on his head. It was the first time I had gotten to kiss one of my boys!

Sean is hanging out and pooping up a storm! No breastmilk for him yet. Even though he is pooping, they are waiting for some of his xrays to look a little better. Nothing major, just being cautious. He is still on the vent. It's getting me worried that he's been back on it for so long. He seems very comfortable on it. Last night he was holding on to his tube while sleeping.  When not sleeping, he would look around like he was checking everything out.  Also, when the nurses were paying attention to the baby that was in the NICU and crying, Sean would drop his oxygen level just long enough for the nurse to come over to see what has going on.  As soon as she got to his bed, his level would come up.  I think he just wanted the attention!  Little stinker!

Never got the nap yesterday.  I don't think sleeping in the car on the way to the hospital counts.  Today, there will be no cleaning of the fridge.  Napping IS the priority! :)

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