Friday, December 11, 2009

The Ups and Downs of the NICU

Sean had a rough night last night.  He had to be re-intubated.  He was just getting too tired on the SiPAP and needed a little more help.  Also, his morning labs showed some pretty significant anemia so he had to receive a blood transfusion.  His belly is still of concern. :(  Bubba and I talked to the neonatologist and the surgeon about the game plan.  In the morning, little Sean is going to have a little "procedure" to try to clean out his bowels.  I won't put the details here.  He does have some dignity!! 

Colton is cruising along on his CPAP.  He even got a little breastmilk lunch today.  It was his first meal! :)  He got one tiny little milliliter and then had to wait 6 hours for more.  Gosh!  Don't overfeed the poor kid!  Bubba did have a milestone today - he changed his very first baby diaper.  He got lucky though, it was only Colton's wet diaper.  Dang it, I got the poopy one!

While at the hospital, I noticed pain in my left leg. So, I headed over to the clinic to have it looked at.  Great!  I have a freaking blood clot!  As the doctor put it, it's not the big, scary blood clot that can go to my lungs and kill me.  It's just an annoying blood clot that I need to take some aspirin for.  Lucky me!  The doctor asked if I was there on the crazy night last week.  I told him that yeah, I was the crazy woman they sectioned in the middle of the night.  He laughed. 

The boys also had a visitor today. Their Grandma Carla came to see them.  Carla was Bubba's mom's best friend.  Carla definately gets to be a grandma to these little guys.  She will treat them as if they were her own.  Poor Carla was in tears almost the whole time she was visiting.  It's obvious, she just loves those little guys!

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  1. Love reading your updates, Cyndy. Praying for you and your boys every day!