Monday, December 14, 2009

Sean is feeling better

After Sean's little procedure on Saturday morning, he was actually able to poo.  He is feeling much better.  His belly doesn't look so uncomfortable anymore.  He is still on the vent.    Really, this munchkin is holding his own. 

Colton is hanging out on the CPAP.  He did need another blood transfusion though as he dropped his blood count.  Neonatologist said 26 weekers unsually need several transfusions before going home partially due to the fact that he is getting his blood drawn frequently.  A tranfusion for one of these little guys is 8 ml (less than 2 teaspoons!). 

Bubba had to go to work today.  That meant I've been at home waiting for him. :(  When he gets home, we willl have a quick dinner and then venture out into traffic to go see the boys.  What did I do while I was home?  Too much!!!!  And, I didn't get a nap in. :(  I think I should make a nap a priority tomorrow!

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