Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am becoming white trash . . .

Well, it's offical . . . I will be white trash.  Bubba's dad delivered his trailer to the hospital's trailer parking.  Shortly, I will be moving into the trailer.  I will try to stay there a few days, come home, do laundry, sleep in my own bed, etc.  Anyone hear banjos playing in the background???

Sean (or as his primary nurse calls him: Seanie) has started a course of steroids to try to get him off the high frequency vent.  He was doing really well on the vent and they were turning it down, but then in the last two days, they have had to increase his settings.  He will take the steroids for about a week, including him being tapered off them.  Sean is now eating a little over 2 teaspoons (11ml) every 3 hours and weighs 1lb 11oz!!

Colton is being an active little boy.  He is a wiggle worm!!  He is always moving when we visit.  He is doing well on his CPAP.  He weighs 2lb 8oz. which is 1130 grams.  When he's 1200 grams we will get to hold him (  I can't wait!!!!!!  The neurosurgeon came and saw his little head.  It doesn't appear his temporary shunt is working very well.  But, when the shunt was put in, a little port was placed under his skin.  So the neurosurgeon is able to access the port and draw some fluid out of the shunt.  So, day before yesterday, the neurosurgeon had to draw some fluid.  Little piggy is eating almost 5 teaspoons (24 ml) of milk every 3 hours.  Because they want him to grow, the milk he is getting is fortified - making it more calories than regular breastmilk.

How is mommie doing?  I am TIRED!!  Yesterday I went to see them twice - once in the morning to deliver breastmilk and once to visit the boys after Bubba got off work.  That's a short 6 hours in the car!!  Today, I have been getting some stuff down around the house.  Unfortunately, I think I over did it.  I'm sore!!   I need to take it easy . . . easier said than done . . .


  1. LMAO! So happy to hear about the boys gaining weight. The trailer is a great idea. I can't wait to hear more stories about your trailer park life.

  2. Oh Cuda, are you sure you aren't orginally from Kentucky? LOL. Just joking. I think the trailer is a great idea and I know it will make you feel better to be closer to the boys. Its awesome that the boys are growing. Praying for you guys still (as is my church).

  3. You are one very strong woman! My daughter is one of your "mommy board" friends and has kept me posted with your updates. You are truly an amazing woman and with God's hand, your family will all be home together soon. I will continue to pray for you and your husbands strength to get through this and of course for Colton & Sean to continue to get stronger with each breath they take. Just remember to take care of yourself too!!! Many prayers coming your way!

  4. You wouldn't be able to live as white trash in Ny it's COLD here, lol. Glad you won;t have to travel quite as much, and 1200g is only hours away at this rate, bet Colton is counting the days too until momma can hold him

  5. Awww glad you will be able to be closer to the boys! And awesome news about them gaining weight!!! Grow boys grow!