Friday, December 18, 2009

No better, no worse . . .

Bubba and I spent about 6 hours in the NICU today.  The boys are no better today.  Thankfully, they are no worse.  Here is what is going on . . .

Sean is requiring more help from the ventilator.  He should be requiring less.  The doctors don't know why this is happening.  :(  He is getting to eat very tiny amounts - 1 ml every 6 hours.  Gosh!  Don't overfeed the munchkin!!  :P  And, last night, he got his very first kiss from Mommy! :D

Colton is definately having a harder time.  He has suffered a bleed in his brain.  What does this mean?  There has been some bleeding in his ventricle (the area where spinal fluid is).  This bleeding can cause pressure on the brain.  Pressure on the brain is never a good thing. :(  So far, he is stable at this point.  He is eating very well - 6 ml every 3 hours - and he is doing well on his SiPAP (one of the nurses had told me it was CPAP, but he's actually on SiPAP).   He likes when the nurses give him a break from it.  He does well with the blow by oxygen and seems to like it when the nurses massage his little face where the SiPAP mask sits on his face.   Colton and I did reach a new milestone today - that little stinker peed on me while I changing his diaper!! 

So, as you can see, both boys are still in need of prayers.  And, I'd like to say, I know everyone is concerned.  Please understand if I don't return phone calls or text messages.  It's pretty difficult for me to talk about all of this (texting is much easier so it's probably the best way to contact me).

Off to try to get some sleep.  Tomorrow (opps!  today as it's after midnight!) Auntie Jen is going to take me to see them.  Bubba is going to go to work. 

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