Monday, December 21, 2009

A little update . . .

Sean seems to be stable on his new hig frequency vent.  They are weaning his oxygen down. :)

Colton is a different story.  :(  His heart murmur is back.  If it's a PDA, he's already had two rounds of medicine to try to fix it.  They usually won't do three doses so he would most likely need surgery.  But, this isn't the worst of it.  His brain still isn't draining fluid like it should - he has hydrocephalus.  :(  The neurosurgeon says he will most likely have to place a shunt in his brain before Christmas.  Also, there is some discussion as to if he has an infection or not.  The reason for this is that there was blood in the lumbar puncture sample (because of the brain bleed) so it throws all the numbers out of whack.  In any case, he is on two antibiotics.   I cry all the time about Colton.  I can tell he doesn't feel good but I can't do anything to fix it. 


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  1. Oh how hard....praying for your little guys and for a Christmas miracle that they are BOTH on the road to a healthy life ASAP!