Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Of course, Bubba and I went and saw the boys on Christmas and yesterday afternoon. Both days the boys had visitors.  Their Grandpa Ray visited them on Christmas Day.  Yesterday, their Aunt Merrilyn and Great Grandma Mary visited them.

Both boys are doing well.  No issues to really talk about.  The neonatologist does want to get them off the ventilators since they are almost 4 weeks old.  If babies aren't off by 4 weeks of age, they are given a course of steroids to help their lungs.  So, the boys need to make some great strides this week to avoid the steroids. 

The boys did mess with Mommy and the nurses yesterday.  I was sitting next to Colton pumping when Sean's monitors went off.  Of course, his nurse responded.  The Colton's monitors went off.  His nurse responded.  Guess who's monitors went off again???  Yes, Sean's!!!  Then Colton's AGAIN!!! 

On the way home from visiting the boys, Bubba and I stopped at Lowe's.  We bought a new hot water heater.  Ours isn't completely out, but it's heading there.  I think we can take about a 6 minute shower before the hot water runs out.  Lucky Bubba gets to find the time to put it in!!  LOL!

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