Friday, January 29, 2010

34 WEEKS!!!

The boys are 34 weeks today.  I've spent the day taking phone calls from the surgeons and anesthesiologists as we prepare for Colton's surgery on Monday.  It appears as if he has hernias on both sides - I thought I had noticed it last night, but the nurse said she didn't think so.  I was happy to hear that the anesthesiologist likes to extubate the babies before they go back to the NICU.  Of course, she warned that sometimes it doesn't happen.

Both boys have had their oxygen support lowered.  :)  Sean's vent is giving him 30 breaths a minute.  They lower it by 5 a day.  When he's at 20 they can take him off the vent.  So, let's hope he gets off the vent this weekend!!!  Colton is now getting 1/5 liters/minute. 


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