Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Babies!

Sean is now 2 lb and Colton is now 3 lb!  Such big babies!!! :)

No real changes with Sean.  He is just hanging out on his SiPAP.  He has some good days and some not so good days, but overall is doing pretty good.  Last night, while doing his care, his nurse tells me to come over to her side of his isolette.  She says to hold onto him for a second.  Then, she manuevers him into my arms and says, "Here, hold your baby!  It will do both of you some good!" and she walks away. So, there I am standing at the side of the isolette, holding little Sean.  After about 5, minutes the nurse asks if I'm doing okay standing there.  HECK YEAH!!!  Then in about another 5 minutes, she says it's time to put him back.  A little kiss for him and back to bed he goes.  :)

Colton's shunt isn't draining like it should.  Over the weekend, the neurosurgeon has had to tap him every day.  :(  He might have to endure this until he's big enough for his VP shunt.  (He needs to be 4 lb before they will place it.)  He is doing well on his high flow nasal cannula.  They've turned it down to 3L at about 30% (just like on the vent, SiPAP and CPAP, they can adjust the percent of oxygen).   I have gotten to hold him with his nasal cannula now.  :)

This weekend, the boys had some visitors.  It was their Grandma and Grandpa Ralph.  Colton was wide awake for part of the visit so Grandma got to see how alert his is.  Sean, on the other hand, wasn't up for visitors.  He did allow them to sit at the bediside, but didn't want anyone talking around him.  Such the little stinker! 

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