Friday, January 15, 2010

Seanie is feeling better :)

Seanie is feeling a little better this morning.  His vent settings are being turned down.  He is still getting the morphine, but appearing less like he is in pain.  And, shortly, he will be feeling even better - he gets to eat!!! :)  It's not much food, but at least it's food. 

Colton is also doing well.  The neurosurgeon came by and had to take some fluid of his head.  But, this was after two days of not having to have anything done.  I don't think I've explained that it appears that his temporary shunt isn't working.  But, as a fail-safe, the neurosurgeon had put in a port so that fluid can be drawn off as needed.  So, everyday, they measure Colton's head to see that it's not growing too fast.  If the measurement is too big, the neurosurgeon has to "tap" him.  Despite having that done, his oxygen flow rate was turned down to 2L.  And, yesterday was a big day for Colton.  The nurses aren't keeping him in a closed isolette anymore!!  He gets to lay in bed wrapped in a blanket like the big kids.  And, he's big enough to be dressed.  Talk about being a big kid!  :)When we arrived last night, he was wearing a little blue and white onesie.  We also left him some clothes that we had bought for him and that his cousin Patsi had sent him.  Maybe tonight I will actually remember to take some pictures of him dressed up. 

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