Friday, January 8, 2010

New Equipment

Tonight Bubba and I showed up for our nightly visit to find a new piece of eqiupment next to Colton's isolette.  His CPAP was gone and he's now on a fancy nasal cannula (nose prongs).  It's giving him 4L of 38% oxygen through his nose.  It gives him more support than a regular nasal cannula, but not like a CPAP.  Because of the change, I wasn't able to hold him.  I did get to visit with his while his nurse left his isolette open for about 20 minutes.  For most of the time, I held his binky in place while he practiced sucking.  Such a sweet little baby!!!  He is now eating 30 ml and weighs 2 lb 15 oz!!

Sean is hanging out on his SiPAP still.  :)  The doctors are watchinghim closely to make sure he doesn't have to go back onto the vent.  I am hoping the longer he stays off the vent, the less likely he will go back on it.  He is finishing his steroids tonight so hopefully that is helping him too.  He is now eating 22 ml and weighs 1 lb 15 oz.  Feedings are increased bacause of weight gain (bigger babies need more food), but Sean's feedings were increased because he hasn't gained any weight in a few days.  He's working hard to stay on the SiPAP and burning a lof of calories.  But if he doesn't get bigger and stronger he won't be able to stay on the SiPAP.  So, let's feed that baby!!!

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