Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poor Little Seanie . . .

Night before last, Little Seanie got tired on the SiPAP.  The doctor tried to keep him off the ventilator, but had to put him back on early in the morning.  Since he was taken off the high frequency vent earlier than anyone wanted, it was kind of expected that he would end up back on the vent.  This vent is the regular vent and not the high frequency vent.  Other than that, he is doing well.  He is eating 17 ml every 3 hours.  It's the most they can give him based on his weight.  So, in order to help him out, they are adding milk fortifier to increase the breastmilk's calories to 22 calories (instead of the normal 20).  Right now he weighs 890 grams.  He's almost at his big brother's birth weight! :)

Colton is hanging out doing pretty well on his CPAP.  Bubba did get to hold him last night.  It only lasted about 5 minutes - long enough for me to get some pictures.  After about 2 minutes of Bubba holding Colton, Bubba says, "I think he pooped.  Either that or he had a HUGE fart!"  Sure enough, he started dropping his oxygen level.  Another poopy diaper!!  Dang poopy diapers!!!  They are getting in the way of Colton cuddling time!!  By the way, this dropping of the oxygen level with a poopy diaper (or even while pooping) is totally normal for preemies. 

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