Saturday, January 23, 2010

Special Visitor/Rough Day

The boys had a special visitor today.  Their Auntie Lisa came all the way from Virginia to see them!  She spent several hours at their bedsides talking to them and touching them. 

Remember before when I said Sean had pneumonia?  Turns out he didn't.  Well, now he does!  He is going to be getting 7 - 10 days of antibiotics.  Hopefully this is what he needs to get off that dang ventilator!!!  Also, he hasn't gained any weight recently.  He is still 2lb 8oz!

Colton had his head tapped today.  This was the first time I witnessed the procedure.  That boy is tough!  He didn't even flinch!  I had thought the nurses gave him Sweeties (sugar water).  The nurse said no because they had tried to give it to him and he choked on it and because he has never flinched when he's been stuck with a needle!  The neurosurgeon and I talked about the VP shunt placement (scheduled for February 1st).  I asked if having a VP shunt would mean that he should avoid certain activities.  He said he allows his patients to participate in all activites: scuba diving, roller coasters, sports, etc.  In fact, he said there is a professional basketball player with a VP shunt. 

When I was getting ready to change Colton's diaper, the nurse says something about "Colton's hernia."  UM, EXCUSE ME!!!  WHAT HERNIA???  Well, about 3 days ago the doctor noted an ingunial hernia on the right side.  As soon as I took of his diaper, I saw it.  DANG IT!!  This means this poor kid needs another surgery!    UGH!!

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