Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Update

Little Sean is still hanging out on the vent.  He doesn't seem like he is wanting to get off of it. :(  He does seem like his leg is bothering him less.  He is taking less morphine, but is getting a little ativan.  The doctor is giving him the ativan because he thinks that his behavior is agitation.  He does seem to be doing well.  I just wish he'd want to get off that dang vent!  It's shaping up to look like he has chronic lung disease.  What does that mean?  He will probably have asthma and be that poor kid that even the common cold is a big deal.  How about some good news about Little Seanie???  He's back to eating and they are now feeding him 25ml!!  And, he weighs 2lb 8oz!!  Such a big boy! :)

Colton is enjoying his open crib.  It does have a little warmer so he gets some warmth.  He is now eating 35ml!! And, he weighs 3lb 12oz!!!  HOLY SMOKES!!!  He is getting BIG!!  When he's 4lb, he can have his permanent shunt placed.  Won't be long now.  The permanent shunt will mean the neurosurgeon will stop tapping him.  The most worrisome thing for me is that surgery means going back on the vent.  It usually means about 24 hours on the vent.  UGH!!  I just want to get that part over with.

Poor Bubba is sick.  He has some sort of cold.  I'll be heading to see the boys by myself today.  Yes, it all this horrible rainy weather, I will be driving up to see the boys!  First, I need to get my windshield wipers changed.  :)

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