Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Seanie Coats!!!

Sunday night and Monday morning Little Sean was having a hard time on the vent.  The problem was that his vent tube was too small, but the next size up is too big!!  So, his doctor decided to give him another chance off the vent!  He's back on SiPAP and doing ok.  He does have a little difficulty when he's getting his care (every 3 hours) but he's able to recover pretty quickly.

Just before Bubba and I left, the nurse took off his SiPAP mask.  I had about 2 seconds to take this picture with Bubba's phone.

This little guy only weighs 1lb, 15oz.

Big Brother Colton is being a good boy and just hanging out on his CPAP.  When they take his mask off, he tolerates oxygen being blown in his face!  They don't even have to put a mask up to him, just by him!  He did have to have some fluid drawn off his shunt yesterday.  It seems like it's not draining like it should.  But, when it was put in a port was placed so the neurosurgeon can insert a needle and draw off the fluid as needed.  Colton is now 2lb, 10oz.  He needs to be 4lb, 8oz before he can get his permanent shunt placed.  He'll be there soon.  They've increased his feedings to 26ml of the 24 calorie fortified breastmilk.  Little Seanie is now eating 20ml of the 24 calorie breastmilk!  My little piggies!! :)

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  1. Seanie is such a cutie and he looks so alert! I'm sure he was stating in awe at his wonderful Momma!