Monday, January 4, 2010

Aw, Poor Little Seanie . . .

Sean is having a little trouble on his vent.  He doesn't seem to be tolerating any touching, talking or activity near him.  :(  This is something preemies go through, but this was pretty abrupt and it happened at the same time he had an increase in his heartrate.  So, today they checked him blood levels (no sign of infection there) and sent off a sample of his secretions from him ET tube (vent tube).  So far his ET tube secretions look like he might have an infection.  Guess he wants to be like his big brother!!  Looks like little Seanie has pneumonia! :(  Antibiotics have already been started.  Let's hope they start working right away.

Colton is just hanging out trying to be the good big brother.  He's doing well on his CPAP.  :)

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